The Good Human Experiment


Can simple acts of goodness everyday for 30 days, make you a happier person?

This is the question Mum and I have been asking since we started…

The Good Human Experiment!

The Good Human Experiment is a 30 day pledge, to do good deed each and every day.

This is an online community that offers encouragements, prompts and ideas to practice goodness everyday! They have a great presence on facebook, email and instagram, where all the pics are from.  This community is a wonderful supportive group that reminds you of the simple pleasures in life and the importance of sharing that with our neighbours.

It seems  a simple enough quest yet sometimes it can be difficult some days, especially when it is rainy or you haven’t gone out and seen anyone.

The GHE is such a wonderful reminder to engage in the world around us, be kind and empathetic.

The GHE team offers a list of ideas, which I know my Mum likes, especially coming up to the 30 days.

Well, I am coming up to my 30 days of the GHE and I must, it was tough some days, to think of new ideas, to put myself out there, to be conscious of my good deeds. However, with that in mind I am so unbelievably happy that I engaged in this online pledge. Early enough in the pledge, I started to get a little addicted to my  good deeds and I was constantly thinking about my next good deed!

It has been such a fun and beautiful experience, that has opened up my eyes to those around me and as well as my inner eye. It has reminded me to look inward to see how  I am navigating the world.

Encouraging time for inner reflection so that we can better offer our gifts to others.

We all know that doing good things will make us feel good, but the GHE was a reminder and offered a boost when needed. I believe that even after I finish this month’s pledge I will continue on.

As GHE says…

Do good stuff. Feel all the feels.






My sister is going to be so Angry at me…

My sister is going to hate this post, but I have to be honest. As much as I like a Pumkin Spice Latte and a nice walk to look at the fall leaves… 

what I LOVE is:


Give me all the Christmas decorations, festive big, craft fairs, shopping malls filled with Christmas shoppers and 24/7 Christmas filled radio tunes. I LOVE it. 

So here is my confession: I have skipped past pinning fall and Halloween ideas and gone straight to the festive good cheer. And Aisling is NOT going to like it! 

Sorry! #notsorry

Here’s just a few things I’m looking forward to. 

1. Santa!

2. Decorating the House

3. Gingerbread Houses

4. Christmas Lights

5. Christmas dress-up

So, sorry sister, but I’ve got dreams of sugar plums dancing in my head. 

So, Christmas, here I come. 


Twist the bones and bend the back

820x421-2-2spell.jpgSeeing as j’adore Halloween I figured I would post about some of my favourite sisters….. no, not my sisters but the SANDERSON SISTERS!


Not only do I love how they are all about eternal life, they’re all about their sisters!






…. and boys



They sing, they dance, they go on an ‘adventure’ to get Book and  look fabulous doing it!



These sisters ARE Halloween for me, I can’t wait for this weekend so I can decorate my house and watch Hocus Pocus and channel my inner witch-y sister!

I did a quiz on Buzzfeed to find out which sister I would be… I got Winnifred!

Which sister did you get?


Ais xo

Teach me how to Hygge: Take 3 Tuesdays


This week’s Take 3 topic is: Hygge.

As we understand it, Hygge is the art of creating sanctuary and community.  It creates well being, warmth and closeness and celebrates the everyday.

All three of us try to apply hygge to all aspects of our life. Our homes, our work, our play.

So here are some tips on how to create Hygge in the everyday.


My first tip is creating a comforting ritual and one of my favourites is a good coffee ritual.  To me, its not totally about the coffee, but about meeting a good friend (or a sister), watching the barrista make the expresso, froth the milk and put a flourish on the latte. The calmness of the coffee shop, the process or preparing the coffee, and the company create calm, peaceful and contentment for me = Hygge.

Quitters Coffee is Stittesville, Ottawa, is an excellent place to practice Hygge.IMG_0899

My second tip is furry friends.  Furry friends can be great for Hygge.

At home, we live out in the country, so I try to embrace our surroundings, switch off and follow one of the central Hygge essentials, which is pets/furry friends.

Here was a visitor to our front yard this Winter.


And here is my best furry friend.


She is central to almost all my Hygge at home.

My final Hygge tip: create a comfortable spot and read.  Reading on our porch is that spot for me. I just need some tea, a blanket and my bookclub book and I’m ready to Hygge.


Wishing you warmth and hygge.


Ais’ Hygge Life

When S first explained to me what Hygge “hoo-gah” was I instantly knew that this was something I could get down with. One way I have a Hygge lifestyle is by making sure I find some time for self care and unwinding. I rarely have trouble celebrating life and others achievements but I do tend to forget about relaxing and recharging.  I love being comfy and find I achieve better things and more things when I take some ‘me time’.

I try setting the mood by doing several different things.

I lower all my lights and light my candles. I find that candles can transform the room from bright and busy to warm and calm in mere moments. Whether they are scented or not it will calm your space and allow for a flickering break in the busy days. It is so calming. I have been using drip candles so that they also make pretty cool bottles with all the different colours!


Once the mood has been set I like to continue by making myself a fancy hocho.  I make it slowly by boiling milk on the stove so that I can slowly smell it floating in the air. I always put it into a special mug to add that Hygge life into each choice. I top it with ‘Ais’ Special Whipped Cream ‘ which has a drop of doTerra Peppermint essential oil to add a minty taste that slowly releases its flavour into the hocho! It is brilliant if I do say so myself.



As a side note, I have recently added essential oils into several parts of my day to day life and have noticed a big difference! I will be sure to tell you more about the ones I use and the oils I want next in another post soon.

Once my treat is made, my candles are lit I curl up on the couch and pick a movie that I have seen 100 times. I love rewatching movies and finding new reasons to love them. Whether it’s a missed joke or remembering a favourite line.

Today the movie I’m watching is one of my favourites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She’s The Man.  It’s a 2006 teen rom-com with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum about a girl who pretends she is her brother in college to be able to play soccer. Niamho and I have watched it more times than I care to admit and I think I laugh harder each time. I quote it on the regular and love how that when  I watch it I laugh real belly laughs every time so that I can fully encompass a Hygge lifestyle by celebrating the small and happy things in life!

How do you hygge?


Niamho’s Hyggely Afternoon

Hearing the word Hygge for the first time brought visions of Hermione Granger correcting Ron “it’s Leviosa, not Leviosaaaaa!” I just couldn’t get it.

leviosa 2

Hygee or Hoo-gah or Heu-guh?  

Meik Wiking, writer of The Little Book of Hygge recalls the time when Winnie the Pooh is asked how to spell love and he responds “you don’t spell it, you feel”,  so is the same with Hygge. However someone chooses to pronounce Hygge is unimportant, but rather the feeling it creates is where the importance lies. It has been described as the coziness of the soul, togetherness, comfortable mindfulness or even cocoa by candlelight.

Hygge definition

Here are my three Hygge prompts


  1. Engage the Senses.


For my hygge time, I had ready to bake warm White Chocolate Cranberry Scones from Thyme and Again, topped with butter, honey and cream  and a homemade a latte. I then found the perfect place on the porch at the cottage, from where I was sitting I could see the lake and three bird feeders. I was lucky to be surrounded by nature’s beautiful music today, when I get back to the city I will be sure to use to fully get into the hygge mood.


  1. Cozy and Comfortable.

This summer has been frightfully cold, which also makes it perfect hygge weather. My cozy look today came from a big woolen blanket, my uncle’s old sweater(shhh he doesn’t know I have it) and the perfect cottage socks!

hygge socks

  1. Mindful Moments and Memories


A great way to Hygge is by writing in a journal. This is a great way to remember past hygge moments and to be mindful of the present moment. I have been making my way through the Happiness Planner, which S gifted me a while ago. It offers wonderful prompts and advice that fit the hygge feeling, it is great planner especially for those who are new to journaling.

Turns out, hygge is definitely my cup of tea!

Ps. here was my view. Can you see the loon? Très hygge!

Hygge lake


My Ottawa

Who else is loving all this Canadian 150! This year has been such a blast with all the celebrations, including KontinuumInspiration Village, and Red Bull Crashed Ice!

One of my favorite events this year though was MosaiCanada 150.  The Jacques-Cartier Park hosted a horticulture triumphant event for 107 days. The exhibit reflected Canadian history, values and arts.


It just ended this past weekend and I hope that it returns next year!

What a cool expression Canadian art!


I have a feeling this was my Mum’s fav!


Here is one for S!


I love all things Anne!


Here is one for Dad.




Thanks MosaiCanada for a special afternoon!


Thankful: Take 3 Tuesday


T3Tuesday(this pic was taken Thanksgiving 2016 from the kayak)

Thanksgiving is such an amazing weekend and I think I can speak for both my sisters when I say we can be thankful for so many wonderful blessings!

I am grateful for new friends and my last kayak of the season

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

S here. Im thankful for the time with family, delicious food and time to rest. 

Charles and I had Thanksgiving at my parents’ cottage and then Charles’ parents farm. We are well fed and well spoiled.



Ais here,

I truly can’t be thankful enough this season. I have an amazing family who are funny,giving and beautiful from the inside out.


I have an amazing new job that I am totally loving, the team works together and manages to  laugh and bond while we work! What a great community to be part of.

I am thankful for my #squadIMG_1734



I am thankful beautiful fall has arrived.


and lastly we are thankful for all of you amazing readers!

chuber channel thank you sheep pun ewe GIF



Julie Payette is Out of this World and We Love Her! (Pun intended)

Our new Canadian Governor General is the brilliantly smart, multi-talented and a true Canadian Hero, Julie Payette is amazing and we absolutely love her!

Canada's 29th Governor General, Julie Payette, signs her official instruments as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chief Justice of Canada Beverley McLachlin stand and watch in the Senate chamber during her installation ceremony Monday.

Here are some reasons why we love her!

First of all-she is an ASTRONAUT!
Like really cmon, how cool!
And not only has she been to space, she was also the first Canadian to visit the International Space Station!

She is a pilot
If spaceships weren’t not enough, she also has her commercial pilot licence

Image result for Julie payette pilot

She is a polyglot
She can speak all the languages! Well maybe not all, but a lot!

While she was preparing for her first space mission she decided to learn some Spanish, Italian, German and Russian, on top of her English and French! As if she didn’t already have enough on her mind.

Image result for Julie payette

She is a pianist and sings
She has performed  with Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, the Piacere Vocale in Basel, Switzerland, and the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra in Toronto.

Image result for Julie payette sing

Loves athletics
She runs, skis and even has her deep-sea diving certification!

Image result for Julie payette sports


Most of all…

She is an inspiration to all girls!

           Julie Payette has boldly gone where no one has gone before!

Or more accurately, she has gone boldly in the directions of her dreams!

Gov Gen Payette 20171002



Take 3 Tuesday: life lately



Let’s do a little check in to see where the Sistors are at? Shall we??


One meme that sums up my day:

This is an actual picture of me by 10 am. Let’s just say, hair and makeup did not cooperate.

Ok Monday, you win.

Niamho here.

So ya this is me! I started out the new school year strong but now I’m in the second month and I think I am just lucky I make it to work!



Tuesday?! Whaaa? How is it only Tuesday….IMG_2818

but actually this is pretty much life right now…. looking URR- where for costume-spiration for HALLOWEEN

Image result

Dream Home

Every year I love checking out the Children’s Hospital charity Dream Home. We’ve toured a few and they are always amazing. 

Do the Dream Homes get anyone else daydreaming? Like this nook under the stairs? Harry Potter should be so lucky. 

The kitchen is sleek. If I were in anyway inclined to cook, I’m sure this would inspire me. 

A few years ago the Dream Home had a RINK in the basement. 

How great would your wrist shot be with a rink downstairs. 

The bedrooms always give me lots of ideas, especially since right now our bedroom is pretty bare. No headboard, one side table and that’s it. I need this inspiration! 

I’m not sure I love the plants though. This might not be a popular thought, but I don’t really like plants in my house. 

Then there’s the modern decor I wouldn’t normally go for, but that’s still neat to see. Like this fireplace. 

Totally cool, but not exactly home-ey. But the bundles of wood are cute.   Pretty sure if I bundled some birch for decor like that my dad and uncle B would burn it “for” me. So helpful of them. 

I’m feeling inspired and of course it’s a terrific cause. 

Anyone else going to buy a ticket?





Ottawa has decided that Fall could wait and that it was still summer. I am a little sad because autumn is my jam but I am happy because it’s not snow! Unlike June 28th 2017 when I got this snow storm on my porch.


I started the HOTumn off by going to Saint Brigids Centre for the Arts. It was the perfect place to go after a long, hot day at work. I love the vibe of this old building. The bar is in the basement of an old church. They have delicious food, music, friendly bartenders. As if this place couldn’t get better I found out they are getting Guinness on tap!! AMAZING


With the sun shining I figured I could snap one last summer selfie in my summer shades…


…turns out this was a great call because they fell out of my purse that night and broke! Ahah  RIP ol’ friend

My favourite thing about HOTaumn is that I am able to sit outside late without shoes and showing off my new OPI pedi  This is not Whine Country.


How’d you beat the heat?

Ais xo


Niamho is up next 🙂

Hotumn is here and I am thrilled! Hotumn means one thing to me…longer convertible season!

Mustang 5


You know it was a little too hot with the roof down but I suffered through!





I am trying to bask in this heat as long as I can because soon enough it will look a lot like this

Mustang 4

Vroom Vroom,


Hotumn has me confused. My front yard thinks it’s fall. 

But my backyard still wants to party like it’s summer. 
Oh well. I’ll take the best of both worlds.