Bucket List Completed!

Well friends we have talked about how summer has left and it is now Autumn…. well sort of.

In Ottawa it has been 35* for the last week and will continue to be that for the next week or so…. hotter than most of our summer weeks!

Anyway, this summer my sisters and I shared our summer bucket lists with you  and I want to share my experiences!

Sadly I missed the Northern Lights at Parliament this year but I heard they were phenom. I have seen so many pictures from friends and family I felt as though I was there!

A couple of my gal pals and I went to the Shawville Fair to see the  Canadian dreamboat Dean Brody  *swoon*


We met up with some of my friends who were already up nice and close to the stage and situated right next to the beer tent. Score!

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The show was amazing and the people in attendance had so much energy! It worked out nicely that Dean had a great view of me so he was able to serenade me…..IMG_2484

but then this guy stood in front of me and ruined our moment. IMG_2487

cool guy.

Although the creme de la creme of bucket lists checks was hitting up  Chocolate Favoris.

My gal pals and I went for an afternoon treat. When I walked in I was so floored. Chocolate everywhere.IMG_2650I felt as though I was in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate shop!

This is the Baby Salted Caramel Kooky Cone.


BABY! Are you kidding me?! Trust me, there was nothing  baby about this cone.

It had maple syrup and caramel popcorn, chopped pretzels, caramel coulis, and crunchy caramel slivers. Yummm, I can’t wait until I can try another one! Who wants to come?


I have so many fun memories from this summer and can’t wait to create a fall bucket list to make this season an all new adventure!


Ais xo

Weekending: Cocktail Competition Edition


This weekend we were up at the cottage and decided it was time for a Cocktail Competition.  The contenders: the Mint Julep, Mohito and Rum Collins.  Luckily we had a number of taste testers willing to assist.


Some were a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility.

First up was the Mint Julep.

We gathered the ingredients:

4 Mint Leaves
1 teaspoon Powdered Sugar
2 oz. Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Fill the glass with Ice


Muddle the mint with the sugar and use some of the mint for garnish.


This one got full marks for presentation. Lovely looking drink.


I’d say it really brought out the best in some.

Two of my favourite lovers of the Mint Julep. Mr. Bond and Mr. Dad.

Next up was the Mojito.  Now, in all honesty, as the taste testing went on, pictures of the process became fewer and fewer. Just a coincidence.

So this is the picture of the process for the Mojito:


I mean, what more do you really need to know? It includes Rum.

Our recipe:

6 mint leaves
2 teaspoons of Powdered Sugar
1 full lime juiced
Muddle the mint, sugar and lime juice.
2 oz. Havana Club
Fill the glass with ice
top with soda water

I’d say these drinks came out beautifully.


Finally, the Rum Collins. Even fewer process pictures for this one.  This is what I have:



Our Rum Collins recipe:
Fill the glass with ice
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 teaspoon of powdered sugar
2 oz. Captain Morgan White Rum
Fill the glass with Club Soda.


Finally, the taste testers gave their scores:

Rum Collins: 0

Mojito: 2

Mint Julep: 4

A great weekend was had by all, but mostly by the taste testers.


Hope you had a great weekend too.




Strawberry Social

On Thursdays, we would like to give you a little glimpse into what we are doing and thinking. You may see an everyday adventure, a DIY, a coffee trip. Really, wherever life is taking us. Enjoy!


A couple of weeks ago Ais and Dad were driving up to the cottage when they came up with the idea of having a Strawberry Social! For my Dad, Strawberry Social means strawberries and whipped cream. But for me hearing the words Strawberry Social brings forth images of white wicker furniture, men in straw hats and most importantly, women in puff sleeves.

So pretty many thoughts Anne of Green Gables! ( sigh Gilbert Blythe)


Anne of Green Gables, 1985

Well, we decided to throw together an impromptu (that afternoon) Strawberry Social at our cottage for the family. We have a lot of family at the lake, which makes impromptu parties an awesome weekly occurrence. 

At 4pm, when the sun finally came out from the clouds, we popped the Prosecco!



We had delicious local strawberries, on angle pastry, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle! 

The Bro-in law went a little overboard with the chocolate drizzle on mine, which suits me and my chocolate obsession perfectly!

strawberry 3

I may not have had my idolized puff sleeves at my first Strawberry Social but I did have delicious strawberries, wonderful company and I got to overlook my own Lake of Shining Waters.

strawbeery 4

Really is there anything better?