Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites is my favourite post of the month. Right now my favourite thing is this weather. Summer arrived and it is welcome!  I just wish we hadn’t closed our pool already. #poolfail.

Ok wait. My actual favourite thing this week was this fella’s birthday. Happy birthday!

Favourite Food: This grilled cheese sandwich at the Arc Hotel. Does that look like grilled cheese to you? Me neither. But it tasted terrific.

Although a close runner up was this antipasti at North & Navy.  Every single piece was delicious.

Favourite things to come:  Anyone else looking forward to seeing what the new show Seal Team is all about?  It’s starring David Boreanaz and I feel like it’s going to suit him.

Also looking forward to this time of year and thinking of attending this Gingerbread House making workshop at Urban Element.

I love how cute these look!

Favourite Finds: Now is also the time of year I start to keep my eye open for Christmas presents (can you tell Christmas is my jam? Don’t hate me but I could skip fall and Halloween entirely to go straight to Christmas).

Anyway, in our house we have quite the deer/antler collection.  So this has caught my attention.


I think it would be really nice at Christmas with some bright Christmas ornaments in it.

Here’s another thought, although I think I’d put this the gift category.

Well that’s it for this week.  I hope you all enjoyed a great week and I can’t wait to read what your favourites were.



Goodbye Summer… Hello Fall

Welcome to our Take 3 Tuesday.  Today’s topic: Fall Fashion Must Haves!


Up first is S.

New season, new clothes!  I love it.

I have been searching for the perfect boot for fall and Spring for what feels like years.  A few years ago I got close with this half riding boot/half cowboy boot style:


And while they worked well for about one season, the colour started to peel away.  Disappointment.

This May, I hit it big at the Great Glebe Garage Sale when I found these beautiful boots for $12.00!

I can’t wait to wear them when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Still, I need a bit more of a classic look for work and for when I’m wanting a more neutral look.  I have my eye on these:

I just need a few cool days to give me the push I need to pull the trigger.

What are your fall must haves?





I love everything about it, the smell, the temperature, the cuddles, the food and definitely the fashion.

One of my must haves are woolly socks.

You look super cute and you keep warm and that is so key in Ottawa, Canada! My favourite woolly socks are the multi-coloured  Irish made socks that you can purchase from Irish eyes. You can get them in 2 different sizes, knee high and combat height and in many different colours.


Woolly Irish Fair Isle socks purchase them in Canada at Irish Eyes

I like to pair my socks with these Steve Madden ‘ Troopa’ combat boots so that theyre just poking out the top. I love how they have a wee heel so that I don’t have to be flat footed and sound like I’m shuffling around but not big enough that if the ground is wet I feel like I could slip. I love the leather and that I can wear them with jeans, leggings and even dresses!


Finally, my must have and go to fall soft matte lip cream is from NYX.  It’s amazing. It stays on all day even while eating and drinking ( and lets be honest who can pass up baked goods and a warm apple cider in the fall?!). This is tried, tested and true! It doesn’t dry out my lips and the colour goes with everything fall! Copenhagen has a bit of purple, pink, and red so that it really blends with most skin tones and outfits!


Copenhagen from NYX-

Fall is my favourite time of year and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Ais xo


Niamho’s time

My fall looks includes  all things knit and cozy- really my go to fall style is hygge inspired!

Give me knit socks, sweater, and dresses or furry legwarmers or jackets- man I love fall!

Pretty much this outfit is fall to me!

This year though I am really feeling more wrap sweaters like this beauty!


wrap around

Top 5 Favourite Female Comedians


After a long, busy, week there is nothing better than unwinding and laughing until it hurts. Below are my Top 5 favourite female comedians, everything they touch is gold and amazing and when they team up you’ll bust a gut! These women are fearless and do not back down from social taboos and controversial topics like racism, sexism and religion.

Melissa McCarthy is an actress, comedian, writer, fashion designer and a producer! Talk about wearing many hats. Melissa had her comedy debut as Sookie St-James in Gilmore Girls and all you GG fans know she totally crushed it. McCarthy has been nominated  for an Academy Award ( Best supporting Actress), a BAFTA , a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe Award, was nominated 5 times  for Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her five appearances as host on Saturday Night Live  and won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy.



Liza Koshy – Is a Viner and YouTuber and is one of the most popular personalities out there! This summer she reached 10.4 million subscribers!! That is outstanding! She has a silver and gold YouTube play button and will soon be getting her diamond play button. She has won a Streamy Award and a People’s Choice Award!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler – They met in 1993 at ImprovOlympics and the world has been grateful ever since. They continued on to Second City and Saturday Night Live. I love these women for being gutsy in comedy and taking risks.

taThey act, do improve and even write. In 2015 these two superstars were the first ever joint winners of the Best Comedy Series for the Guest Actress category, as well the first dual Emmy winners of any acting category! Women making history!






Lily TomlinltHILARIOUS! If you are a little younger and haven’t heard of her watch Grace and Frankie a Netflix original and you will know why Lily is on my list.  You might also recognize her voice because she was Ms.Frizzle on the Magic School Bus!! What?!? Cool!

However, Lily has been one of the major players in the comedy world since the 1960’s. She has won Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, Grammy Awards, Screen Actor guild awards and in 2012 Lily and her partner Jane Wagner received the 345th star on the Walk of Stars.lt2

Carol Burnett– Her career expanding over 6 decades has lead her into film, television, literature and stage performances. One of my all time favourite plays/ films is Noises Off. Burnett has been nominated for over 40 awards and has won 22 of them! Slay girl!

She was also the first celebrity EVER to appear on Sesame Street.cbgiphy (4).gif


As you can see these women are absolutely awe- inspiring and rocking the comedy world!


Ais xo







Friday Favourites

IMG_1827Team Sisters bringing you our weekly instalment of Friday Favourites.

Favourite Moment of the Week: (This “special” glass for our uncle’s Irish Whiskey. Priceless)


Favourite Sweet Treat: (This week we harvested some of the honey from our hives, so honey was a major part of life this week)


Favourite Online Shopping: Looking at what’s new for Fall at Nordstroms.
Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 4.22.19 PM.png

For now, I think this jogger suits my vacationing self perfectly.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 6.21.04 PM.png

Favourite Mantra (right now): I’m trying to live by these cottage rules.


And finally, our Favourite Indulgence of the week: 

A spa day at the Brookstreet. 

What are some of your Favourites this week?


Skimpy Frocks and Where to Shop

75025_10151878230719204_1037497293_n (1)

She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini… Okay.. maybe I haven’t but  I love singing that song!  On Fridays we will be sharing with you our Lust Lists!

Does anyone actually enjoy trying on bathing suits? Nah, I don’t think so. Ever since I have become an online shopper I have always ordered them online and tried them on in the comfort of my own home. It is an easy way to make a possibly stressful shopping trip much more enjoyable!

SO I am going to share with you my top 5 online shops for bathing suits!


TorridShipping is 10-14 days and you can edit your shopping cart after ordering. How convenient is that?!  I am loving this Floral Garden Peplum Tankini Set.  The peplum makes the suit flirty and paired with these colours it is so girly.







Swimsuits For All

I have ordered from this site several times and I cannot say enough about it! Returns are easy breezy, no questions asked and all the suits are extremely affordable.  The sizes range from 8 – 24 and you can modify your search for your body type.

Whether it’s big bust, longer torso,or bigger curves they have it for you. I love how they have honest reviews from other shoppers and also give suggestions on what they think might look good on your body type. I have had this suit sitting in my online shopping cart for a few weeks now. Not only do the lines totally slim you there is a built in shapewear  that totally lets you flaunt your curves.



They.Have.A.Mermaid.Bathing.Suit. I want to be mermaid… Enough said.

modcloth Alright I’m not I love modcloth for their fun, funky and vintage suits!  One of my favourite things about this site is that they have an outfit album of shoppers who have sent in photos of themselves in the outfits! umm awesome..!!! Who wants to do some amateur modelling with me?

Victoria Secret

Free shipping for orders over $50. They had me at FREE I love that word.  When I hear Victoria Secret I always think of lingerie but they also have amazing bathing suits and this high waist is so retro but with the strappy bottom you’re totally making it #2017chic!



Asos is a 1 stop holiday shop. ANYONE can shop here! Men, Women, Petite, Plus, Maternity, Tall. I love love love how they cater to everyone. I found this Iridescent Jewel Encrusted Harness Plunge Swimsuit  on the Asos site that I feel was created for women like myself and my cousin who love everything and anything shiny.

asos I have been #beaching all wrong! They also use the magic FREE word when it comes to shipping and there is no minimum required!

Bathing suit shopping really doesn’t get much better than this friends!