Boo-tiful Costumes!

Niamho here-

Woooo it’s haunting season and I don’t think Ais could be any happier. Halloween is such a fun time with spooky stories, candy and of course awesome costumes!

Every year Ais starts taking about her costume in December, sometimes earlier, she is constantly scrolling pinterest page after pinterest page trying to find the perfect costume.

I too love Halloween and I absolutely love an excuse to dress up yet I am never able to commit to a costume or take the time to make it.

So every year on Halloween night, I call Aisling and she graciously offers to help choose my costume, or make it or you know give me hers!

Seriously best sister award, amiright?!                 Sooo what am I going as this year Ais?

Here is a pic of some of my staff with a student on Halloween last year. I must say our class won best costume!

halloween with student



Friday’s are awesome because we get to link up with Erika who has been talking about some of her family fall favourites and I just can’t get enough!

I am so behind I can’t even start thinking of a costume for Niamho!Every year no matter when I’ve started prepping this is always a jam packed week!

So many more decorations to put out!


I have to get back at it! Here are some of my most recent costumes!


Tin Man from the wizard of Oz


Terminator and The Wicked Witch of the West



Little Red Riding Hood who met the big bad wolf

Ais xo

S here.

Not to be outdone by my sisters, I have a fairly good costume repertoire myself. I date it back to my stage days as panda number 17.

It was a strong start.

As the years went by I channelled my inner royalty and went for a more sophisticated look. 

Dad went for sophistication as well.

Until I found my favourite costume of all time. Something about my hair and my nose make this costume so…me.

This costume is a fit for me purely because of the aesthetic. I will not actually melt if you throw a bucket of water on me.

Halloween, thanks for the memories.




Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th! ahh!

I love everything fall and that includes halloween and all things scary!

but be sure to be follow the rules below to have a successful Friday 13th!


Some of my favourite things about this month are the smells and these are my favourite smells this season!

Starting off the week was my mums AMAZING thanksgiving turkey… smell this cook through out the day was heavenly


Thanksgiving 2017

well… the dessert was fantastic too; pumpkin pie and apple crumble made by Niamho mmmm..


Nights in wouldn’t be complete without creating a hygge room with my fall candles especially my Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Bath and Body Works… ( which is on sale right now! )


I also found my new fall scent which I am totally stoked about and have actually been complimented on several times already! Oakwood Vanilla  Bourbon Tuberose- ya all of that in one beautiful smell!


Elizabeth and James-Nirvana


Ais xo


Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites is my favourite post of the month. Right now my favourite thing is this weather. Summer arrived and it is welcome!  I just wish we hadn’t closed our pool already. #poolfail.

Ok wait. My actual favourite thing this week was this fella’s birthday. Happy birthday!

Favourite Food: This grilled cheese sandwich at the Arc Hotel. Does that look like grilled cheese to you? Me neither. But it tasted terrific.

Although a close runner up was this antipasti at North & Navy.  Every single piece was delicious.

Favourite things to come:  Anyone else looking forward to seeing what the new show Seal Team is all about?  It’s starring David Boreanaz and I feel like it’s going to suit him.

Also looking forward to this time of year and thinking of attending this Gingerbread House making workshop at Urban Element.

I love how cute these look!

Favourite Finds: Now is also the time of year I start to keep my eye open for Christmas presents (can you tell Christmas is my jam? Don’t hate me but I could skip fall and Halloween entirely to go straight to Christmas).

Anyway, in our house we have quite the deer/antler collection.  So this has caught my attention.


I think it would be really nice at Christmas with some bright Christmas ornaments in it.

Here’s another thought, although I think I’d put this the gift category.

Well that’s it for this week.  I hope you all enjoyed a great week and I can’t wait to read what your favourites were.




Last week I was talking with some friends and brought up one of my absolute favourite toys as a kid only to find out that they had never heard of it!

I was floored but it gave me the idea for today’s post!

Favourite  Childhood toys from the 80s/90s

Being born in the late 80s I’m still an 80s child but I grew up in the 90’s so my list had to be a mix.

  1. Lite Britelb

I am 90% sure we still have this at the cottage…I am still finding those bright pegs.

2. Puppy Surprise


This is the toy my friends hadn’t heard of and in the photo below you can see how proud I am to have gotten it for Christmas. I loved this stuffed animal and all her secret puppies.


3. Devil sticks


These weapons were beyond fun and also banned from my elementary school because people were  sword fighting  and ‘throwing them too high’…. uh isn’t that the point of them?!

4. Pogs

These were like currency in most schools, and your world was over if you lost your slammer.



5. This recorder was awesome; I could put in a blank cassette and record my own voice or amplify my beautiful voice while I sing a long to one of my Raffi tapes.fp3818-tape-record

I remember the day Niamho was born I brought this to the hospital to give to the new baby as a present and it was “accidentally” left behind. I think my parents were smart  by “forgetting ” a microphoned toy with the new baby.


I loved these toys! Comment below and tell me what your favourite toy as a child was!


Ais xo

Friday Favourites

Today we link up with Erika for Friday Favourites.  Overall, I’d say this has been one of my favourite weeks so far.

Favourite Purchase (or prospective purchase): I’m looking for a good Agenda/planner.

This one looks nice.

Favourite Photo: (This one is always a favourite subject – I could do a photobook ode to my dog)


Favourite Intrigue: The road washed away at the cottage.  Everyone took a view.


Even Cuineas needed to check it out.IMG_1447

Favourite Food:

I enjoyed an Indian lunch with my mum at Perfection Sayisfaction. 

But Vietnamese is my favourite and I had a working dinner at the office this week and got to use UberEats for my favourite food.

and Finally, my Fall Favourites:

Flannel Sheets

And Wood Fires in the Fireplace

What are you Favourites this week?


Top 5 Favourite Female Comedians


After a long, busy, week there is nothing better than unwinding and laughing until it hurts. Below are my Top 5 favourite female comedians, everything they touch is gold and amazing and when they team up you’ll bust a gut! These women are fearless and do not back down from social taboos and controversial topics like racism, sexism and religion.

Melissa McCarthy is an actress, comedian, writer, fashion designer and a producer! Talk about wearing many hats. Melissa had her comedy debut as Sookie St-James in Gilmore Girls and all you GG fans know she totally crushed it. McCarthy has been nominated  for an Academy Award ( Best supporting Actress), a BAFTA , a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe Award, was nominated 5 times  for Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her five appearances as host on Saturday Night Live  and won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy.



Liza Koshy – Is a Viner and YouTuber and is one of the most popular personalities out there! This summer she reached 10.4 million subscribers!! That is outstanding! She has a silver and gold YouTube play button and will soon be getting her diamond play button. She has won a Streamy Award and a People’s Choice Award!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler – They met in 1993 at ImprovOlympics and the world has been grateful ever since. They continued on to Second City and Saturday Night Live. I love these women for being gutsy in comedy and taking risks.

taThey act, do improve and even write. In 2015 these two superstars were the first ever joint winners of the Best Comedy Series for the Guest Actress category, as well the first dual Emmy winners of any acting category! Women making history!






Lily TomlinltHILARIOUS! If you are a little younger and haven’t heard of her watch Grace and Frankie a Netflix original and you will know why Lily is on my list.  You might also recognize her voice because she was Ms.Frizzle on the Magic School Bus!! What?!? Cool!

However, Lily has been one of the major players in the comedy world since the 1960’s. She has won Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, Grammy Awards, Screen Actor guild awards and in 2012 Lily and her partner Jane Wagner received the 345th star on the Walk of Stars.lt2

Carol Burnett– Her career expanding over 6 decades has lead her into film, television, literature and stage performances. One of my all time favourite plays/ films is Noises Off. Burnett has been nominated for over 40 awards and has won 22 of them! Slay girl!

She was also the first celebrity EVER to appear on Sesame Street.cbgiphy (4).gif


As you can see these women are absolutely awe- inspiring and rocking the comedy world!


Ais xo







Friday Favourites

IMG_1827Team Sisters bringing you our weekly instalment of Friday Favourites.

Favourite Moment of the Week: (This “special” glass for our uncle’s Irish Whiskey. Priceless)


Favourite Sweet Treat: (This week we harvested some of the honey from our hives, so honey was a major part of life this week)


Favourite Online Shopping: Looking at what’s new for Fall at Nordstroms.
Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 4.22.19 PM.png

For now, I think this jogger suits my vacationing self perfectly.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 6.21.04 PM.png

Favourite Mantra (right now): I’m trying to live by these cottage rules.


And finally, our Favourite Indulgence of the week: 

A spa day at the Brookstreet. 

What are some of your Favourites this week?