Friday Favourites! Winner Winner

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have teamed up with Momfessionals, don’t forget to check them out.

So this week has been pretty quiet after the big buzz of Halloween but it has been nice to rest and relax.

I think I may be start my winter hibernation early this year. This usually consists of me in a huge knitted sweater, sipping candy cane hocho and watching Gilmore Girls by the fire.

But before I go into hibernation, here are my favourite moments from this week!

Here is my Fav dessert this week! 

Yum Yum! I wasn’t able to decide between a cookie or ice cream, so I came up with the most delicious compromise! Homemade IceCream Sandwiches!




My Favourite View

I had some much needed nature therapy at S’.


I think someone else enjoyed the view!


But the most exciting part….

I won Freedom Friday from The New Hot 899 and Capital Taxi!!! 


 I had just got into my car after work, I was daydreaming about an invention that would teleport me home, when I heard on the radio that if you called in now you could win $100 for Capital Taxi! Well this seemed serendipitous so I gave them a ring and, it kept ringing and ringing and ringing until they finally picked up!! I was so surprised and all of a sudden nervous that I started sputtering different things and I can’t remember everything he asked. But I do remember that he said if I could yell with all my heart the word freedom, he would give me the $100. 

I tried once- freeedom!

He said I have to do better than that.

So I took a huge breath in and I yelled….


And that is how I won the $100 dollars!

Today when I pull out of the parking lot at work, I know what word I will be shouting!


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