Fall Recap

Ok, at this point I know ALL of you know how obsessed I am with Halloween.

This year I tried not to focus on the one night so much and enjoy the entire fall month and take it all in. I was so busy! I had things on every weekend and most week nights. I am excited for this first weekend in November to get all relaxed so I can change gears to my birth month and Christmas!!

I started October off the only way one should kickstart October…. Oktoberfest!


A tractor pull which was so fun!

A fun little sesuin in a string of tents attached, heated, lit up and filled with so many talented people!

And well what would Oktoberfest be without wearing some traditional clothing 😉


The next weekend I crashed a Stag and Doe… This has to be an entire post on its own but below is a small teaser on how the night went!


Yes, that is an earth worm


One weekend my dad and I and several of our family friends were involved in a murderrrrrr ….



We were actors/ stars /rockstars in a murder mystery. It was a total blast! We did  the play and at the end the audience had to guess who the murderer was…. I am not so sure what it means that many people thought I was the murderer but hey all in good fun!


Pumpkinferno was amazing I know I already talked about it in another post but the talent these people have blew me away!C4698D2C-B66E-4580-B024-6756EFCBE780

I finished off the month with visiting Saunders Farm where I had the pants scared off me and was apparently way too scared to actually take any photos.


I had to do a last minute costume this year but was pretty happy with how it turned out!D4DE4C57-2423-4414-BA39-1BB88090A83F


All in all It was an awesome month and I am already pumped for next year but for now…




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