Friday Favourites! Winner Winner

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have teamed up with Momfessionals, don’t forget to check them out.

So this week has been pretty quiet after the big buzz of Halloween but it has been nice to rest and relax.

I think I may be start my winter hibernation early this year. This usually consists of me in a huge knitted sweater, sipping candy cane hocho and watching Gilmore Girls by the fire.

But before I go into hibernation, here are my favourite moments from this week!

Here is my Fav dessert this week! 

Yum Yum! I wasn’t able to decide between a cookie or ice cream, so I came up with the most delicious compromise! Homemade IceCream Sandwiches!




My Favourite View

I had some much needed nature therapy at S’.


I think someone else enjoyed the view!


But the most exciting part….

I won Freedom Friday from The New Hot 899 and Capital Taxi!!! 


 I had just got into my car after work, I was daydreaming about an invention that would teleport me home, when I heard on the radio that if you called in now you could win $100 for Capital Taxi! Well this seemed serendipitous so I gave them a ring and, it kept ringing and ringing and ringing until they finally picked up!! I was so surprised and all of a sudden nervous that I started sputtering different things and I can’t remember everything he asked. But I do remember that he said if I could yell with all my heart the word freedom, he would give me the $100. 

I tried once- freeedom!

He said I have to do better than that.

So I took a huge breath in and I yelled….


And that is how I won the $100 dollars!

Today when I pull out of the parking lot at work, I know what word I will be shouting!


Too Many Women

I find our women crush Wednesday’s to be one of the hardest posts to write.  Not because I can’t think of anyone to write about but because I can’t choose!

There are so many super awesome women! Women Rock and are stepping up daily to show the world!

1f4aa Hear us Roar!

This week I decided I’d recognize some of the wicked women born this month!

There are so many I had to just pick a few.

If there are any women you would like to be recognized let us know and I will add to this post all day!



Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery – Author  *Anne of Green Gables


KD Lang – Singer/Songwriter


Miranda Lambert – Country singer


Margaret Mitchell – Author *Gone With The Wind


Lori Singer -Actress * Footloose


Marie Curie- Scientist/ Multi Nobel Prize Winner


Christie Ann Hefner – CEO of Playboy


Ellen Pompeo – Actress * Greys Anatomy


Joni Mitchell- Singer/ Songwriter


Calista Flockhart – Actress * Ally McBeal



Unsupervised S 

So my sisters left me unsupervised on this little blog this morning. I can choose All By MYSELF what to post about. 

So first of all let’s get the Tuesday feels out of the way. 

Next! I know what your Tuesday is missing…a little lawyer humour (emphasis on little). 

For real though. 

And my sisters’ favourite:

Excuse me if I know what I’m talking about. Ahem, Harvard Law

So that’s it for Tuesday. Thought you could all use that little break. 


The Best Medicine: Laughter

Happy Monday everyone! Who else loved that extra hour of sleep yesterday? I definitely slept in and I feel super cheery and refreshed this Monday Morning!

But sadly, this extra hour doesn’t happen every weekend so we have to find other strategies to keep us feeling sunny, I like to use laughter!

I love to laugh
Loud and long and clear
I love to laugh
It’s getting worse every year
The more I laugh, the more I fill with glee
And the more the glee
The more I’m a merrier me, it’s embarrassing
The more I’m a merrier me
S Reactions Laughter GIF
There is absolutely nothing like that sidesplitting laughter you get from a night out with friends. I feel so rejuvenated and free, I just want to bottle up this feeling!
And yet on average adults laugh about 6 times a day and rarely continuously for 5 minutes! In comparison, children laugh on average 300 times a day!
 Image may contain: 1 person
When I heard this, I knew that there had to be a way to boost my laughter average up!
Mom and I were talking and learned that laughter is one of the best natural medicines in the world. Laughter benefits are sooooo extensive
-boost immune system
-release of feel good endorphins
-protects the heart
-burns calories
-relaxes muscles
-improves mood
Image may contain: text
With research, I found the funniest and simplest way to get my laughter average up- Laughter Yoga!
I know I didn’t think it was a thing either!
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, crowd and outdoor
So it is not like yoga where do downward dog and laugh(which would be pretty funny), but actually is a childlike playful poses with simulated laughter. Kinda like acting poses, with forced prolonged laughter which ignites our yogic breathing in a natural and easy way.
Seriously it was such a fun experience, that completely drew me in and for an hour I was completely transported to a simpler and fun time. When I finished I felt fresh, light and free!
Image result for Laughter quotes
It was then I decided I would continue researching the benefits of laughter throughout my Masters of Education in Mental Health Education. The more research I do, the more I learn about laughter and the more I laugh I see the immediate benefits that come along this practice. I have learned that laughing is the simplest sister remedy for any day!
Wanting to capture this buzz for the long term I have actually become certified in Laughter Yoga and I am beginning to offer beginner free classes, to share the laugh with even more people!
 No automatic alt text available.
So please join me, Nov 18 @ 2pm for A Laughter Yoga Party at St. Brigid’s Centre 310 St. Patrick
For more information contact or click here

Fall Recap

Ok, at this point I know ALL of you know how obsessed I am with Halloween.

This year I tried not to focus on the one night so much and enjoy the entire fall month and take it all in. I was so busy! I had things on every weekend and most week nights. I am excited for this first weekend in November to get all relaxed so I can change gears to my birth month and Christmas!!

I started October off the only way one should kickstart October…. Oktoberfest!


A tractor pull which was so fun!

A fun little sesuin in a string of tents attached, heated, lit up and filled with so many talented people!

And well what would Oktoberfest be without wearing some traditional clothing 😉


The next weekend I crashed a Stag and Doe… This has to be an entire post on its own but below is a small teaser on how the night went!


Yes, that is an earth worm


One weekend my dad and I and several of our family friends were involved in a murderrrrrr ….



We were actors/ stars /rockstars in a murder mystery. It was a total blast! We did  the play and at the end the audience had to guess who the murderer was…. I am not so sure what it means that many people thought I was the murderer but hey all in good fun!


Pumpkinferno was amazing I know I already talked about it in another post but the talent these people have blew me away!C4698D2C-B66E-4580-B024-6756EFCBE780

I finished off the month with visiting Saunders Farm where I had the pants scared off me and was apparently way too scared to actually take any photos.


I had to do a last minute costume this year but was pretty happy with how it turned out!D4DE4C57-2423-4414-BA39-1BB88090A83F


All in all It was an awesome month and I am already pumped for next year but for now…




WCW: Halloween Costumes for a Badass Woman!


Today, the day after Halloween I would like to give a shout out to all the ladies that disregarded the stereotypical sexy cowgirl, sexy nurse, sexy crayon and sexy bunny halloween costumes and instead rocked out the beautifully strong and girl power attitude that we all love.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy or being sexy on Halloween or any other night, but there are loads of costumes out there that are cute and sexy that still can highlight all our other awesome qualities!

So here is my cheers to the women celebrating this holiday as badass, iconic, strong, adventurous, brainy women that they are!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Amelia Earhart



Kill Bill: The Bride

Kill bill.gif


Hermione Granger

Film "Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone" In United States In November, 2001-



Spice Girls #GirlPower


Rosie the Riveter


Katniss Everdeen



All in all, do you! But remember there is way more to you, you badass chica!