Getting Ready for Halloween

This was Halloween weekend but Charles and I stayed in. Lame.  Charles doesn’t love dressing up for Halloween, so he tends to give me our party invitations a little late. Like after the party starts.

But, I did get him out a few years ago and got him to dress up for the party.  I think his participation was only because I gave him his favourite costume to wear.  Hunting gear:


I went as the hunted:IMG_0545

We spent time this Halloween weekend getting ready to give out treats to our Trick or Treaters.  We bought Chocolate Bars and Chips…and I want them.  I just have to resist for two days.  Sure, no problem.

Tonight we have our annual pumpkin carving contest where my sisters get embarrassed and beaten every year. I’m not really sure why they continue to participate, but some people are suckers for punishment.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our pieces of art and the Winning Pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!



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