She’s not such a Good Girl 

Our little cocker spaniel mix is the queen of our little kingdom. We adore her. She gets love and walks and treats galore. 

She’s spoiled. And a handful. Although you’d never know that when you meet her. Looking at her you’d think butter wouldn’t melt. 

She stares at you and you would think she doesn’t have a mischeivious bone in her body. 

But, sometimes her monster-side comes out. Monster. 

Like recently, we went to my in-laws for the weekend. We were meeting them at a party, so we dropped the dog at their farm before joining them at the dinner. 

We played ball with her for awhile, to get rid of some energy. At home, she is crated, so when we were ready to leave, we put her in their washroom, took down everything she could drag down (towels, rugs) and brought her in a bowl of water. Ya know, in case she got thirsty. 

(That’s her, “Help me, I’m poor”, Kristen Wiig face)

We left for the party. Ate, drank and were merry. Then we went back to the farm. Thankfully, before my in laws. 

In we walked to our little angel. She was sitting in the middle of the room and every square inch was covered in the debris of what used to be the items my inlaws kept under their bathroom sink. And water. And blood. 


And she just sat there. Like #thuglife

Somehow, this dog opened up cupboards with no handles, tore apart special soaps, boxes, toothpaste packages. Everything. And bled everywhere. (Don’t worry, she’s fine and we never even figured out where the blood was coming from). 

We got it cleaned up before my husband’s parents came home, we apologized for their lost bath products and she sat wagging her tail and looking at them for belly rubs. 

After her tough day destroying my in-laws bathroom, she was tuckered out. 

Spoiled puppy. Push over dog parents. 


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