Ottawa has decided that Fall could wait and that it was still summer. I am a little sad because autumn is my jam but I am happy because it’s not snow! Unlike June 28th 2017 when I got this snow storm on my porch.


I started the HOTumn off by going to Saint Brigids Centre for the Arts. It was the perfect place to go after a long, hot day at work. I love the vibe of this old building. The bar is in the basement of an old church. They have delicious food, music, friendly bartenders. As if this place couldn’t get better I found out they are getting Guinness on tap!! AMAZING


With the sun shining I figured I could snap one last summer selfie in my summer shades…


…turns out this was a great call because they fell out of my purse that night and broke! Ahah  RIP ol’ friend

My favourite thing about HOTaumn is that I am able to sit outside late without shoes and showing off my new OPI pedi  This is not Whine Country.


How’d you beat the heat?

Ais xo


Niamho is up next 🙂

Hotumn is here and I am thrilled! Hotumn means one thing to me…longer convertible season!

Mustang 5


You know it was a little too hot with the roof down but I suffered through!





I am trying to bask in this heat as long as I can because soon enough it will look a lot like this

Mustang 4

Vroom Vroom,


Hotumn has me confused. My front yard thinks it’s fall. 

But my backyard still wants to party like it’s summer. 
Oh well. I’ll take the best of both worlds. 


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