Goodbye Summer… Hello Fall

Welcome to our Take 3 Tuesday.  Today’s topic: Fall Fashion Must Haves!


Up first is S.

New season, new clothes!  I love it.

I have been searching for the perfect boot for fall and Spring for what feels like years.  A few years ago I got close with this half riding boot/half cowboy boot style:


And while they worked well for about one season, the colour started to peel away.  Disappointment.

This May, I hit it big at the Great Glebe Garage Sale when I found these beautiful boots for $12.00!

I can’t wait to wear them when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Still, I need a bit more of a classic look for work and for when I’m wanting a more neutral look.  I have my eye on these:

I just need a few cool days to give me the push I need to pull the trigger.

What are your fall must haves?





I love everything about it, the smell, the temperature, the cuddles, the food and definitely the fashion.

One of my must haves are woolly socks.

You look super cute and you keep warm and that is so key in Ottawa, Canada! My favourite woolly socks are the multi-coloured  Irish made socks that you can purchase from Irish eyes. You can get them in 2 different sizes, knee high and combat height and in many different colours.


Woolly Irish Fair Isle socks purchase them in Canada at Irish Eyes

I like to pair my socks with these Steve Madden ‘ Troopa’ combat boots so that theyre just poking out the top. I love how they have a wee heel so that I don’t have to be flat footed and sound like I’m shuffling around but not big enough that if the ground is wet I feel like I could slip. I love the leather and that I can wear them with jeans, leggings and even dresses!


Finally, my must have and go to fall soft matte lip cream is from NYX.  It’s amazing. It stays on all day even while eating and drinking ( and lets be honest who can pass up baked goods and a warm apple cider in the fall?!). This is tried, tested and true! It doesn’t dry out my lips and the colour goes with everything fall! Copenhagen has a bit of purple, pink, and red so that it really blends with most skin tones and outfits!


Copenhagen from NYX-

Fall is my favourite time of year and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Ais xo


Niamho’s time

My fall looks includes  all things knit and cozy- really my go to fall style is hygge inspired!

Give me knit socks, sweater, and dresses or furry legwarmers or jackets- man I love fall!

Pretty much this outfit is fall to me!

This year though I am really feeling more wrap sweaters like this beauty!


wrap around

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer… Hello Fall

  1. I like cottage wear. Warm sweater and cold beer.

    On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 5:10 AM Whats Your Sister Like wrote:

    > growingwildrosemary posted: “Welcome to our Take 3 Tuesday. Today’s > topic: Fall Fashion Must Haves! Up first is S. New season, new clothes! I > love it. I have been searching for the perfect boot for fall and Spring for > what feels like years. A few years ago I got close with th” >


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