Dream Home

Every year I love checking out the Children’s Hospital charity Dream Home. We’ve toured a few and they are always amazing. 

Do the Dream Homes get anyone else daydreaming? Like this nook under the stairs? Harry Potter should be so lucky. 

The kitchen is sleek. If I were in anyway inclined to cook, I’m sure this would inspire me. 

A few years ago the Dream Home had a RINK in the basement. 

How great would your wrist shot be with a rink downstairs. 

The bedrooms always give me lots of ideas, especially since right now our bedroom is pretty bare. No headboard, one side table and that’s it. I need this inspiration! 

I’m not sure I love the plants though. This might not be a popular thought, but I don’t really like plants in my house. 

Then there’s the modern decor I wouldn’t normally go for, but that’s still neat to see. Like this fireplace. 

Totally cool, but not exactly home-ey. But the bundles of wood are cute.   Pretty sure if I bundled some birch for decor like that my dad and uncle B would burn it “for” me. So helpful of them. 

I’m feeling inspired and of course it’s a terrific cause. 

Anyone else going to buy a ticket?


Girl Power!

These girls were my preteen years



I loved that all they wanted to do was sing, and hang out with each other. ✌🏻

I definitely pulled ideas from each of their wardrobes to create whatever ” style” I thought I had. I remember in grade 7 I had a pair of platform sneakers that I wore EVERYDAY. Niamho and S both had a pair as well. #triplets



There were MANY summers at the lake where I would pull Niamho and our younger cousins into one of the back rooms all so I could teach them the newest choreograph I had come up with to go to Wannabe.
My older cousins, S , aunts/ uncles and parents all had to tolerate A LOT of performances

These girls were all about promoting women being independent, strong and totally fearless! They broke through the charts adding pop back into the industry when r&b , alt rock and hip hop were dominating. They opened the door for so many women artists and girl groups!

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I think it’s time for another reunion tour!spicegirls4


Ais xo




Ottawa has decided that Fall could wait and that it was still summer. I am a little sad because autumn is my jam but I am happy because it’s not snow! Unlike June 28th 2017 when I got this snow storm on my porch.


I started the HOTumn off by going to Saint Brigids Centre for the Arts. It was the perfect place to go after a long, hot day at work. I love the vibe of this old building. The bar is in the basement of an old church. They have delicious food, music, friendly bartenders. As if this place couldn’t get better I found out they are getting Guinness on tap!! AMAZING


With the sun shining I figured I could snap one last summer selfie in my summer shades…


…turns out this was a great call because they fell out of my purse that night and broke! Ahah  RIP ol’ friend

My favourite thing about HOTaumn is that I am able to sit outside late without shoes and showing off my new OPI pedi  This is not Whine Country.


How’d you beat the heat?

Ais xo


Niamho is up next 🙂

Hotumn is here and I am thrilled! Hotumn means one thing to me…longer convertible season!

Mustang 5


You know it was a little too hot with the roof down but I suffered through!





I am trying to bask in this heat as long as I can because soon enough it will look a lot like this

Mustang 4

Vroom Vroom,


Hotumn has me confused. My front yard thinks it’s fall. 

But my backyard still wants to party like it’s summer. 
Oh well. I’ll take the best of both worlds. 


Weekend Getaway: Bliss and Reminisce

If you are looking for the perfect romantic getaway or girls weekend or hygge day look no further than Wakefield Mill and Spa. This hidden gem is a perfect blend of hygge, vintage and country elegance. It is only a short 25 minute drive from downtown Ottawa to the heart of the Gatineau Park.

We stayed here for S’s bachelorette a few years ago and I have dreamed of returning ever since.

So as summer was coming to a close and I was gearing up for back to school, I decided a last weekend getaway was in order. It was the perfect cap to the end of the summer, it was refreshing and completely rejuvenating.

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This charming boutique spa offers beautiful views 



Perfect Hygge Reading nooks

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The comfiest of robes

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It was the perfect room with a view (lol)

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Surssssly after these pictures are you not sold? Really I have no idea why I ever left!

I cannot wait to go back again when the leaves change for fall!

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Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites is my favourite post of the month. Right now my favourite thing is this weather. Summer arrived and it is welcome!  I just wish we hadn’t closed our pool already. #poolfail.

Ok wait. My actual favourite thing this week was this fella’s birthday. Happy birthday!

Favourite Food: This grilled cheese sandwich at the Arc Hotel. Does that look like grilled cheese to you? Me neither. But it tasted terrific.

Although a close runner up was this antipasti at North & Navy.  Every single piece was delicious.

Favourite things to come:  Anyone else looking forward to seeing what the new show Seal Team is all about?  It’s starring David Boreanaz and I feel like it’s going to suit him.

Also looking forward to this time of year and thinking of attending this Gingerbread House making workshop at Urban Element.

I love how cute these look!

Favourite Finds: Now is also the time of year I start to keep my eye open for Christmas presents (can you tell Christmas is my jam? Don’t hate me but I could skip fall and Halloween entirely to go straight to Christmas).

Anyway, in our house we have quite the deer/antler collection.  So this has caught my attention.


I think it would be really nice at Christmas with some bright Christmas ornaments in it.

Here’s another thought, although I think I’d put this the gift category.

Well that’s it for this week.  I hope you all enjoyed a great week and I can’t wait to read what your favourites were.



Bucket List Completed!

Well friends we have talked about how summer has left and it is now Autumn…. well sort of.

In Ottawa it has been 35* for the last week and will continue to be that for the next week or so…. hotter than most of our summer weeks!

Anyway, this summer my sisters and I shared our summer bucket lists with you  and I want to share my experiences!

Sadly I missed the Northern Lights at Parliament this year but I heard they were phenom. I have seen so many pictures from friends and family I felt as though I was there!

A couple of my gal pals and I went to the Shawville Fair to see the  Canadian dreamboat Dean Brody  *swoon*


We met up with some of my friends who were already up nice and close to the stage and situated right next to the beer tent. Score!

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The show was amazing and the people in attendance had so much energy! It worked out nicely that Dean had a great view of me so he was able to serenade me…..IMG_2484

but then this guy stood in front of me and ruined our moment. IMG_2487

cool guy.

Although the creme de la creme of bucket lists checks was hitting up  Chocolate Favoris.

My gal pals and I went for an afternoon treat. When I walked in I was so floored. Chocolate everywhere.IMG_2650I felt as though I was in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate shop!

This is the Baby Salted Caramel Kooky Cone.


BABY! Are you kidding me?! Trust me, there was nothing  baby about this cone.

It had maple syrup and caramel popcorn, chopped pretzels, caramel coulis, and crunchy caramel slivers. Yummm, I can’t wait until I can try another one! Who wants to come?


I have so many fun memories from this summer and can’t wait to create a fall bucket list to make this season an all new adventure!


Ais xo

Happy #WCW


Today I am giving a shout out to the hilarious Aussie instagrammer, Celeste Barber.

Even if you haven’t heard her name, you probably have seen her pictures and, if you haven’t seen her pictures then you’re  probably one of our parents friends. Nah I take that back, Mum and Dad’s friends are always surfing the web. So let me start over, if you haven’t seen any  of Celeste Barber pictures then you probably have been living off the grid for years with only the squirrels to talk to cause Celeste is errrrywhere! Amiright!?

She has 2.4 million followers, including some of the top celebs that constantly like her pics.

Celeste Barber is the hilarious instagrammer that parodies celeb and high fashion photos. Barber’s pictures contrast the outlandish celebrity fashion images with real-life reenactments, with the tag #celestechallengeaccepted.

What makes her really specially is that she does not shy away from the awkwardness that arises  like  when she  mimics Kate Upton getting out of a pool. celeste 7

The parodies are silly, fun and a bit cheeky (pun intended)!


She is body positive, feminist and “real life” positive.

celeste 4

I feel that she is on the edge of a new wave social satire! Cause this is pure GOLD!

Celeste 1

It is refreshing to see a woman posting pictures that are not highly manicured and that are just fun! Let’s bring back the fun in taking pictures and goofing around.

Embrace the fun and embrace yourself!

celeste 5

Fafa #2!

Leggings. Check. Running shoes. Check. Sports bra. Check. Cute, but sporty top.
Check. Now, if only working out was as easy as choosing the outfit.

For 13 years, I was a competitive dancer. I was in the studio 5 times a week, always
away at competitions, and continuously working towards ‘distinction’ in my dance
exams. I was fit and I was active. However, that changed once I went to University — I
needed to find a new way to keep healthy.
Now I realize that for most people working out is just an ordinary part of their routine;
however, for me it has been a constant battle/search to try and find a workout regime
that works.
I honestly hate working out and I’m utterly appalled/fascinated by people who frequent
the gym, especially in the morning (what are you doing!? Go to bed). Going to the gym
stresses me out. I don’t know what I’m doing and I feel like everyone is judging me
even though I know they couldn’t care less. One year for Christmas, I actually asked for
a gym membership believing that I would commit to it. Unfortunately, I think I went for
a record of ONE time…soo bad. I just didn’t feel comfortable or motivated to purse it
so I decided to look elsewhere for my future fit bod.



My brother likes to run so I decided to give it a try — if he could do it, I could do it.
Sadly, I learned quickly that it just wasn’t for me. I think I had been running for a solid 5
minutes (and by running I mean slow jog), when my eyes started watering, nose started
running, I was wheezing…it was really sad — I don’t like to think about it. After that, I
swore I would never do it again and apologized profusely to my body for putting it
through such torture.


My next attempt was a month meal/work out plan. I actually really enjoyed the meals
since they made grocery shopping a breeze, but I still struggled to do the work outs
everyday. I always seemed to find some excuse to skip them — promising that I would
do two workouts the next day. Obviously, this didn’t happen.

For my birthday recently, I received a month of pole dancing lessons. I honestly loved
it! It was nice to be in a class with an instructor showing me the moves and then
attempting to recreate them myself. I felt so accomplished and sexy once I mastered a
move. After the month was over, I really wanted to continue with the next level;
however, I’m a poor university student at the moment. I just couldn’t afford to keep it
up, but I do plan to do it again some day.

My continuous failed attempts at getting fit forced me to reflect. Why couldn’t I work
out? Am I just super lazy? Do I give up too easily? What I realized was that working out
by myself just isn’t an option. I need someone to show me what to do. I enjoy being in
a class with an instructor. When I don’t have anyone or a fun atmosphere, I quickly lose
interest and motivation.

This fall I am fully committed to finding and sticking to a work out plan. I understand
now what I need in order to make working out a part of my daily routine. My university
offers a variety of work out classes that range from Zumba to High Intensity Interval
Training (HIIT). So far I’ve really enjoyed taking these diverse classes — it reminds me
of my time in dance. I feel encouraged and excited to go. I have someone to show me
what to do and I feel motivated to push myself. I’m happy that it’s been a really positive
and fun experience so far.

So if you’re like me, I’m here to tell you there is hope. The adventure in working out is
finding what works for you and sticking to it. So fingers crossed I make it through at
least a week and hopefully many more. tenor.gif




Last week I was talking with some friends and brought up one of my absolute favourite toys as a kid only to find out that they had never heard of it!

I was floored but it gave me the idea for today’s post!

Favourite  Childhood toys from the 80s/90s

Being born in the late 80s I’m still an 80s child but I grew up in the 90’s so my list had to be a mix.

  1. Lite Britelb

I am 90% sure we still have this at the cottage…I am still finding those bright pegs.

2. Puppy Surprise


This is the toy my friends hadn’t heard of and in the photo below you can see how proud I am to have gotten it for Christmas. I loved this stuffed animal and all her secret puppies.


3. Devil sticks


These weapons were beyond fun and also banned from my elementary school because people were  sword fighting  and ‘throwing them too high’…. uh isn’t that the point of them?!

4. Pogs

These were like currency in most schools, and your world was over if you lost your slammer.



5. This recorder was awesome; I could put in a blank cassette and record my own voice or amplify my beautiful voice while I sing a long to one of my Raffi tapes.fp3818-tape-record

I remember the day Niamho was born I brought this to the hospital to give to the new baby as a present and it was “accidentally” left behind. I think my parents were smart  by “forgetting ” a microphoned toy with the new baby.


I loved these toys! Comment below and tell me what your favourite toy as a child was!


Ais xo

Indulge in a Saturday Day Trip


Ok so now that I am back to work all I can keep thinking about is my weekends. I really like my job but cmon free weekends are awesome!

Recently, I spent the afternoon in Montreal. Really it is the perfect weekend or day trip from Ottawa, only being about 2 hours away and with so many hip, beautiful and fun things to check out.

So first up I went to Boutique 1861. If you have never been it is a must go store!!!

Whether you are looking for the perfect work outfit, cocktail dress or just window shopping it will not disappoint.



1861 is this cute little vintage eclectic inspired shop that makes you feel as though you are stepping into Marie Antoinette’s personal(modern) walk in closet.


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Sursly, the amount of blush pink in this store is a millennial’s dream!


After all my shopping, I worked up an appetite and walked about 100 feet down the street to Juliette & Chocolate 

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Oh em gee, it is positively the tastiest and chocolatiest cafe and restaurant I have ever been.

It is not for the faint of heart though, visiting Juliette is like a walk into a grown up Willy Wonka factory! So much chocolate, in so many ways. 19367447_138053620103677_5874917259746476032_n


And then a walk through the town before you make your way home.

There are so many great places to pop into or stumble upon in Montreal that can make  anyday an adventure.

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Have fun!