So what? You’re Still a Rockstar!


This week has been total rollercoaster for the pop music world  with Taylor Swift’s new video, if anyone has missed it, you can watch it here. It seems like everyone is decoding the disses in her new video and especially the last scene.


Throughout the  video she brings forth all the past shade from other celebrities and media as well as her past “characters/old self” to  break down all her old stereotypes and reputations. As always Taylor gets the last word in a fight and she brings(ends?) this fight to all her haters.

tswift 4

Now I love TSwizzle and I have major respect for her new vid which tries to rid herself of her past and her haters yet this week I think Taylor should take a note out of the baddest, rocking-est, feminist, self love promoter Pink!


Pink is cool, wise, strong and the epitome of a badass woman! Pink has met her fair share of haters yet she always stands up for her true self and promotes self love beyond all.

At the VMAs this week she won the Vanguard Award and delivered such a moving and inspiring speech for all.


Pink calls on everyone to love themselves, to celebrate what makes us different and to be true to who we are. Pink has never failed in being just who she is and encouraging us all to live our own truths. When the world gets you down pull a Pink, go home, make a powerpoint and remember to be yourself.

pink 2

And if that doesn’t work, rock out to this song, cause so what? You are still a Rockstar!!

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