Take 3 Tuesday: Glamour Shots

Our Take 3 topic today is our best glamour shots of the 80s or 90s.

Sisters, let’s see you.


Turtlenecks were all the rage.

Niamho here

So while  looking for kiddo glam pics, I noticed that my sisters are way overexposed on the family wall.

Take a look at this

Ais’ wall

baby 1


S’ wall



And finally… my wall


There might not be many pics of me on the wall but I think I outshine in cuteness! Check out those cheeks!


BUT CLEARLY I am the favourite daughter… I mean.. check out my chair at the dinner table!IMG_2408


Who didn’t love wearing over-sized Northern Reflection sweaters?!

I’m also just going toss this one out there because well….


  •  Puff sleeves.√√√
  •  Lace collars.√√√
  •  Cheeks for days.√√√












If that doesn’t scream 90’s Glam I truly don’t know what does!

What a fun trip down memory lane!

Ais xo

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