Take 3 Tuesday: Best Day Ever

T3TuesdayWe are linking up with Momfessionals to share what our Best Day Ever would look like and why.

First up, S:

On my Best Day Ever, here I am, coming home to my palace (yes I bought Versailles).


Because I don’t want to deprive the world of its history, I’ve kept it open to the public.IMG_1323

Once I get home,  I’d take a quick nap. A nice nap puts any good day over the edge.


Then I would go for a stroll in my garden.



I love the water, so I’d get C to take us out on the row boat to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.


No breaks! Keep rowing!IMG_1397

But what Best Day Ever would be complete without sister time? Not this one.
I’d hit the town with my sisters.


We’d grab a baguette, some grapes and cheese and make an evening of it.


A little baguette fencing to keep the blood flowing. On guard!1933873_274496630467_6123868_n1933873_274496650467_7061666_n

I love a dinner and a show. So I know exactly where we’d go.  The Moulin Rouge!


We’d watch the show and munch on the strawberries and enjoy some Champagne.

Finally, we’d grab more baguette, grapes and cheese and relax for the evening some place with a bit of ambiance.


Yup, I could live that kind of day over and over.


Up next, Ais’ Best Day Ever!

It would begin by waking up in my princess bed  to the sweet smell coming from my personal chef mixing up some delicious French toast and bacon…


( yes the flowers on the floor are thrown about fresh daily )


As my hunky chef is feeding me breakfast, I would get my make up done by the talented Kandee.  (Check out my post I love Kandee– you’ll quickly understand why I want her to do my makeup)

Now that I am well fed and looking AH-MAZINGGGG   I would go for a walk in the Gatineau hills ( that first day  all the leaves change in the fall  )


And yes, my best day ever is in Autumn because well its Autumn and who doesn’t love layers, scarves, and all the colours??

I could day-dream there all day


I would end the day by sitting with family , cuddled up in blankets  drinking warm drinks and listening to Harry Potter being read by the best narrator ; my Dad.



I could totally get down with a day like this! Talk about #goals

Niamho adds- Hey, not fair! I was going to say Dad reading HP!


Niamho’s Perfect Day

Hermmm… my perfect day. My perfect day? Well this is more difficult to choose than I thought, seriously try it.

I know a perfect day for me will most definitely include french fries, tea and fam. chat, chocolate and Gilmore Girls. However, this is a pretty routine day for me, probably a weekly occurrence!


So, I am going to think outside my box try and indulge myself!

Right now,  I have a real thirst to go back to NYC, see the sites, great shows and of course  relive some of my favourite movies and tv shows. And though I love the show Girls, preferably not one of the drunk, naked, running through the streets scenes.


First thing is first, I have to get glammed up like Carrie Bradshaw.



Then off to sit on the steps at the  Met just like Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen!


Then go for a carefree run(ahem walk) through Central Walk, a la Phoebe.

Phoebe running

Of course, gotta do some window shopping at Tiffany and Co.

b at t.jpg


Then I would take in a matinee show of Come from Away, which I hear was even better than Hamilton!
Come from Away is about the small town Gander, Newfoundland which hosted passengers of 38 planes that were forced to land on 9/11. Don’t worry I hear it’s actually an upper.


Dinner at The Plaza



And then off to the interactive and immersive show Sleep No More.
This adaptation of Macbeth has the audience don a mask and walk at their own pace throughout the building, follow different characters and interact with the environment and props! Seriously sooo cool!


To cap off my perfect day, I would go to the Empire State Building to see the wonderfully romantic view.

tom and meg

I picture it to be a Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks kinda moment but I have a feeling it would be more of Mindy Kaling moment.




And that’s my day!

xoxo Niamho

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