I love Kandee (you should too)

Kandee Johnson is so much fun!

Kandee-Johnson-SinfulColors-Nail-PolishShe is a makeup artist who not only does classic makeup styles she also does incredible transformations.I found her years ago when I was searching YouTube for Halloween makeup tutorials. Boy did I get lucky finding her! Whether it is for every day make up or totally wild makeup her vlogs are amazing and so super helpful!  She takes you step by step showing you which makeup products she uses and how she uses them. She also shows you tips and tricks of the trade and di14650724_10153974761951662_133408480220038796_nfferent ways to get the same look depending on your level of makeup skills. She does celebrity makeup working on shows, movies, commercials and special appearances. Conan O’Brien, Janice Dickinson and Katy Perry are just a few of the celebrities she has worked on.

She is extremely positive and passionate. Many of her followers reach out to her for support and she is always there for a virtual hug or real one if stopped in person.

Next to her makeup and fashion blog she also has a mommy and everyday blog called Kandeeland. It focuses more on her day-to-day life, crafts, cooking and her children.

Kandee and I are similar in the sense that we both love glitter, sparkles and anything shiny. The beautiful thing I like the most about her is that she can find a shimmer of beauty in all situations and knows how to shine.

The vlog that hooked me is below and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!


If you are into costumes, cool bright hair or makeup you’ll be hooked!

Happy Make-uping


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