Hometown Tourist

I love vacation! Who doesn’t? Amiright?!

I am one of the lucky ones that get a lot of vacation time over the summer (wink wink), and I definitely try not to waste a minute of it. I think I am an exceptional vacationer, I like trying new things, getting out of the house,  visiting friends and most importantly I am great at sleeping in! When S is on vacation she always says she tries to channel her inner “Vacay Niamho!”

This summer I have tried something a little different, I decided to be a hometown tourist! Luckily, I have some great friends who are willing to play Ottawa Tourist with me.

Ottawa has some many great activities and pretty places to check out that it is keeping me really busy and I still have lots more on my list. Here are few checks off my list!

Inspiration Village

My first stop was a walk through the Byward Market new Canada 150 exhibition. It is a series of sea containers that showcase Canadian provinces and territories and Canadian culture.

ot 13

There are pods for Parks Canada, museums and more. I was really attracted to the art, especially this fun 3D chalk art!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



Ok, I was not expecting much from this event but I was completely blown away! It was so fun and edgy, it was hard to believe it was free.

This is the first-ever underground sound and light show held in a metro station still under construction.


When you enter the station they scan your body to determine its frequencies and what colour that frequency is. And then later a screen projects a hologram of your scan! Whaaatt? I know super Star Warsy/ Hunger Gamesy, but it was wicked.


Hologram Niamho looks a little confused.


Sweet Jesus and a Walk in the Park


Ohh Em Gee!

This is the first time I have been and YUMMMM! I totally get it now! I got the Birthday Cake which is vanilla soft serve with cake bits, icing and sprinkles! So Good! 

With my glammed out ice cream I took a walk through Major’s Hill Park and up to Parliament. What a way to end a wonderful touristy day.

Any other hometown suggestions? Please send my way.


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