Broken Summer

Summer holidays are amazing. They are needed. They are something I look forward to all year, spending time at the lake with family, going to RBC Bluesfest and other festivals in the capital for Canada’s 150th. This year for me wasn’t any different. I was pumped!

Then on my very first day of holidays my sisters and I were having a ‘phone conference’ about starting this blog. It was pretty much them bragging that they were sitting at the beach relaxing and I was in the city. When all of a sudden I fall down my stairs. Who over the age of  10 falls down the stairs?!

This guy.

Not only did I fall, I fell hard. I fractured my foot and tore several ligaments.  As soon as I got to the hospital Niamho met me there. They put on a plaster cast and told me that for the next 3 weeks I wasn’t to walk on it or get it wet.

** For those of you not from Ottawa, this July has been the wettest in Ottawa’s History.**

So off, I went to the lake so that my sisters, bro in law and parents could take care of me. At the lake my favourite thing to do is be out on the lake in the speed boat with Dad. This was something I was not going to miss no matter what! So I hobbled down like a one legged pirate and rolled in and out of the boat off the wobbly dock.

giphy (1)

It might not have been the most graceful but I succeeded!


3 weeks were up and I was FINALLY getting this cast off!

PSYCH!  Gotcha. They put me into another cast for 4 more weeks!!!

I have 1 week left in the cast and made it to my first outdoor festival of summer!

One of my gal pals invited me out and how could I not accept going to the Capital Ribfest! YUM

Corn dogs. Yum.

Deep fried cheese curds. Yum.

Buckets of mini donuts. Yum.

But Ribs … so many ribs!  We split beef and pork from the Crazy Canuck Smokers booth and they did not disappoint! I loved the rub on the beef.







Even though summer hasn’t been how I planned it was totally awesome! Best of all my cast is coming off in 4 days ( not that I am counting) and the sun has FINALLY decided to come out. It’s as though Mother Nature was waiting for me to be able to enjoy it…..sorry Ottawa!


What’s your favourite summer festival?



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