7 Reasons to Love Kristen Bell


It’s Woman Crush Wednesday!

Now I may have only started watching Veronica Mars after it was cancelled and became a fan of Kristen Bell 13 minutes into the first episode but today I love Kristen Bell as much as she loves sloths!

7 Reasons We Love Kristen Bell



  1. She has a great sense of humour



I think the first thing anyone says about Kristen Bell is just how funny she is! She has amazing comedic timing in her roles but her ability to laugh at herself makes her one of a kind! She posted on her instagram about how funny she thought this “look for less” was!


  1. She has the voice of an angel

She not only sings next to Idina Menzel but rocks the songs in Frozen in her own right too! Also, let us not forget that she was the voice that brought all the salacious updates on Gossip Girl. You never see her face and it’s her voice that instigates  all the drama on the show yet her soothing voice make you still feel like she is one of your friends!


  1. She plays strong female characters

bell 3



And plays Anna, an awesome sister and Disney princess that doesn’t get married at the end of the movie!


  1. Champion for Mental Health


Kristen Bell has shared her own experiences with anxiety and depression. Her brave words have helped countless of people and are helping break down the stigma surrounding mental health. She speaks candidly about a call to action for routine mental health check ins and resources to  support those in need.


  1. Her Love of the Sloths

bell 4

On our about page, I did mention that I feel quite attuned to the sloth lifestyle but no one is a bigger sloth lover than Kristen Bell. You need to watch this video to truly understand what happiness is!


  1. Kick Ass Role Modelbell 8

She is an advocate for human rights, animal rights, environmentalism, voter education, social equality and more! She practices self love through her meditation, no makeup selfies, and dismissal of the baby weight rat race. Sursllllyyyyy she is a role model in everythinggg! Love her!

bell 7


  1. She has fun!


You know that person that does exactly what you want to do but you are too nervous or self conscious to do? Ya, that person is Kristen Bell! She dresses up and crashes Game of Thrones premieres, she makes silly music videos with her husband, she plays board games at the Golden Globes and she eats dessert after every meal-including breakfast!


We love you Kristen Bell


xoxo, niamho

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