Skimpy Frocks and Where to Shop

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She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini… Okay.. maybe I haven’t but  I love singing that song!  On Fridays we will be sharing with you our Lust Lists!

Does anyone actually enjoy trying on bathing suits? Nah, I don’t think so. Ever since I have become an online shopper I have always ordered them online and tried them on in the comfort of my own home. It is an easy way to make a possibly stressful shopping trip much more enjoyable!

SO I am going to share with you my top 5 online shops for bathing suits!


TorridShipping is 10-14 days and you can edit your shopping cart after ordering. How convenient is that?!  I am loving this Floral Garden Peplum Tankini Set.  The peplum makes the suit flirty and paired with these colours it is so girly.







Swimsuits For All

I have ordered from this site several times and I cannot say enough about it! Returns are easy breezy, no questions asked and all the suits are extremely affordable.  The sizes range from 8 – 24 and you can modify your search for your body type.

Whether it’s big bust, longer torso,or bigger curves they have it for you. I love how they have honest reviews from other shoppers and also give suggestions on what they think might look good on your body type. I have had this suit sitting in my online shopping cart for a few weeks now. Not only do the lines totally slim you there is a built in shapewear  that totally lets you flaunt your curves.



They.Have.A.Mermaid.Bathing.Suit. I want to be mermaid… Enough said.

modcloth Alright I’m not I love modcloth for their fun, funky and vintage suits!  One of my favourite things about this site is that they have an outfit album of shoppers who have sent in photos of themselves in the outfits! umm awesome..!!! Who wants to do some amateur modelling with me?

Victoria Secret

Free shipping for orders over $50. They had me at FREE I love that word.  When I hear Victoria Secret I always think of lingerie but they also have amazing bathing suits and this high waist is so retro but with the strappy bottom you’re totally making it #2017chic!



Asos is a 1 stop holiday shop. ANYONE can shop here! Men, Women, Petite, Plus, Maternity, Tall. I love love love how they cater to everyone. I found this Iridescent Jewel Encrusted Harness Plunge Swimsuit  on the Asos site that I feel was created for women like myself and my cousin who love everything and anything shiny.

asos I have been #beaching all wrong! They also use the magic FREE word when it comes to shipping and there is no minimum required!

Bathing suit shopping really doesn’t get much better than this friends!



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